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Noche Latina

Noche Latina has been broadcasting for over twenty years and we work hard to provide our listeners in the Latin world entertainment at the end of the day. 

Our aim is to bring bites of knowledge within the Spanish language and provide you with the most important news and information. We are the companionship to all those people that are eager to hear their own motherland language, when English is not their most strong side. Noche Latina is the primary source of direction to the people in the Latin community for information and events related to the Capital City. Noche Latina give you extensive day to day news and information. Recurring themes in Noche Latina, to mention a few are: science, health, academic information and education in the Spanish language such as grammatical terms and origins of words. Noche Latina's audience is in their 40s to their 100s and they play up-to-date rhythms with a touch of forgotten the forgotten tunes.  


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