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The Trove Show with Brett Adie

Brett comes to Phoenix FM with a desire to help listeners expand their music tastes and to escape the cycle of commercial radio. “I’ve been collecting alternative and independent music for 30 plus years, and I’ve got an expansive collection of the good stuff.

Brett went to school in Bendigo and returned here to work in emergency services for 20 years. “The one constant for me has been my love of music and my desire to find new artists. I come from the perspective of a mug punter, I’m no muso, that’s for sure. I just love music.”
“The Trove Show is full of the tracks that I feel most people missed over the years, but is also about finding and helping new artists, particularly those from Bendigo.” 

“The Trove Show gives you the tools to break out of commercial humdrum and create your own musical journey.

“There’s a wealth of talent in Bendigo that has not been heard. The regions live music scene is growing and bands are now seeing the region as a live destination so we need to encourage that and help it develop.”

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