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WeVibe with Hilary Naughton

Welcome to WeVibe

Music connects us, stories connect us and there are so many incredible stories in this part of the world - entrepreneurs, creatives, mystics, healers, the whole gamut.  WeVibe is about curating an uplifting frequency for you to tune into.  In between old school rnb and hip hop sounds you may remember from the 80's, 90's and 2000's - with more recent tracks mixed in for good measure - we explore quantum science, the magical aspects of the human experience and various tools and modalities to help uplevel your life in all ways.  

Quantum physics says we are all just energy vibrating at different frequencies, and like attracts like.  So that means you and me dear listener are tuned into the same vibe. I’m here as the curator of the vibe to share my energy with you for 3 hours every Wednesday morning.  My intention is to leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and better than I found you.  

Let the music transport you to another place entirely. You ready? Now WeVibe.

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Instagram: @hilarynaughton_  


Email: [email protected]

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