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Mostly Old But Something New with Tim Kingston

Started at 7CAE FM when the station was located at the College of Advanced Education  at Mount Nelson back in early 1979.

I started by just changing tapes and announcing the time, maybe that is why I am so pedantic about plenty of time calls.

I started to fill in of a Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 5 am to 7 am and this was in May of 1980.

Changes in time slots saw me accepting Saturday mornings from 6.00 am to 8.00 am in December of 1980, Over 42 years, I am still in the same time slot and with the same name of Mostly Old but Something New.

The music played is not the Top songs of the Fifties and Sixties, but more the forgotten tracks. I try and play music which came onto the charts at a low position and only stayed a few weeks and most probably has not been heard in Hobart for a long while, in some cases 50 years

The music is mainly solo artists from the fifties through to the eighties. I play a lot of Elvis as I think that he was special, and I try to play the alternative tracks of Elvis as well as the hit songs. I have a lot of Elvis CDs in my collection, and  there are some fantastic tracks from movies that no one else plays, such as Drums of the Islands, Smokey Mountain Boy.

I never liked groups much and my preference is for the folky sounds of Tom Paxton, New Christy Minstrels, Peter Paul and Mary and Gordon Lightfoot, and probably my favourite artists would be the Fantastic Kingston Trio.

The New part of Mostly Old But Something New is the gentler sounds of today with the easy listening folk genre playing a prominent role.

Due to public demand the show was increased by an hour a few years ago.

I was awarded Life Membership a few years ago of Hobart FM.


Tracks which appear on the playlisting, will usually be added after the track goes to air on the morning of the programme, most tracks have additional information and a Youtube video clip, However, some do not have any extra information or a YouTube video. The video clip feature will be disabled if no video available. Likewise for no information from Wikipedia. To see the playlist click on the Saturday you are interested? in the calendar below, and then click on the info button for more information. The search feature is also enabled so that you are able to search on tracks or artists from previous programmes.

Please leave any comments regarding the programme or the Webpage on the programmes' Facebook page at Mostly Old But Something New.  For easy access to the Facebook page, if you click on the logo at the top of the page and Find Us it will take you direct to the page.

And yes if you ring me whilst on air, provided that I am not busy talking or cueing up records.......I will answer the phone.

If you have any trouble accessing the You Tube video clips, copy the song artist and name and paste into the search bar on You Tube, and you will have a few videos that you can watch

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